Sunday, June 29, 2008

Finally Did It!

A milestone was passed today (maybe just for me - LOL) - over 50 miles in one ride. Many thanks to Lorna M., Sara, M. and Cindy A. as they joined on a ride from Rockford through the scenic and rolling hills out to Crockery Lake and back. We had the pleasure of having the wind to our backs as well as favorable hills as we returned to Rockford. Without a theme, Lorna had to settle for an ice cream from Rocky's as the post ride treat. Also, a thanks goes out to Don and Marian for providing apples, granola bars, fresh water and other amenities at the half-way point. We traveled some of the same roads that we had traveled on the Scheidel's team ride without the 7-mile hill at the start. The hill by Sparta High School and the Old Orchard Plant was just enough for us today. Don't forget to check the calendar for the next team ride.

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Katie said...

Congrats, Chris! Nice work. Be nice if I could get myself up over 50 miles soon. Sheesh.

I've got a new "get ready" workout routine planned - GVSU is offering a spinning class T & Th each week at lunch from next week through end of August. I've signed up for it. :-)

Spinning and riding are not quite the same, but at least my legs will be rotating like they should be.