Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tunnel Park Ride - Sunday June 29

A Note from Carmen...
Appears we have about 7 'for sures' and a few 'maybes' for Sunday's ride. So here's the scoop...note TIME CHANGE. For a more peaceful ride with less traffic, we'll be leaving Tunnel Park at 9:00 am. (Plan on 25 minutes of driving from Holland Exit off 196 to Tunnel Park.) Without Coach Mike or JDRF Sister Mary, we won't have the usual ride supports (tire hanging, treats, maps, etc), however you can't get lost. It's one road all the way to Grand Haven, and then you turn around and come back. For those wanting a longer, faster ride, there's an extra loop in Grand Haven that takes you by the beach and adds one giant hill. Anyone wanting a shorter ride, you're halfway wherever you choose to turn around. :)

Sunday Ride, June 29, Holland (40-50 miles)
9:00 a.m. (note time change)
Tunnel Park
Parking; Costs $4 to drive into the park, but there's plenty of free parking across the street corner of Perry and Lakeshore Drive. Restrooms, changing rooms, water, vending machines and picnic area available
Rest Stop Option at Kirk Park, restrooms and water
Grand Haven has ice cream and anything else your heart desires
ROUTE: North down Lakeshore Drive till you want to turn around (Begin and end at Tunnel Park, Holland 49424)
Please BRING: Swim suit, towels, your own beverage (if you can stay a bit)

At the end of the ride, I'll serve up some grilled burgers & provide some chips/salsa & a sweet something. Bring your own beverage for a little picnic fun. Bring your swimsuit/towel with hopes Lake Michigan will be warm enough for a swim. I have plenty of boogie boards for you to use, if we have waves! Hot tub and sauna aren't as much fun in the day time, but if you're truly interested I could make it available. I live just one hill away from Tunnel Park. Hope you can come.

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