Tuesday, June 17, 2008


A tire, not young, but with many more miles to enjoy - no more sprints, no more hills, never again more wandering through the countryside, and above all, no more riding along with friends - cut down, slashed mercilessly into a limp hoop of useless rubber and Kevlar, a Continental Grand Prix 4-Seasons, never to see another season again.

Who would do such a thing? WHO?

Was it - the razor blade? Rusty, malicious, and brutally sharp?

Or might it have been - the steak knife! Oh, we know the steak knife's lust for the carving of flesh. We know those wicked serrations!

Or, horror! Did they collaborate? Are the blades uniting against us? Will our world end in a hiss of escaping air?

Ride with caution, my friends. Ride with your eyes open wide, watching for the gleam of honed, slashing, lusting steel!


Kirsten said...

Perhaps they are in kahootz and telling you to shave your legs and make your wife steaks on the grill...

club-velo said...

Did.........get a grip man! You're startin' to worry me!

Maybe you oughta make EVERYONE steaks on the grill?!

I really don't think it's an international conspiracy to keep you going through tires and tubes, but ever since Fox News decreed that my favorite form of physical greeting is actually the "Terrorist Fist Jab"........who knows?????

Nice cut though, I gotta admit.

Be safe!

Linda TP said...

What is happening to this world? It used to be such a save haven when we were kids. The only time you would find a razor blade was in your candy apple on Halloween!.. and now they are lurking in the streets! I long for the good ole' days...