Monday, June 30, 2008

Biking down South during the holiday

Thursday - I have Thursday off and want to do some riding. It sounds like a couple of us are going to head over to Yankee Springs with the mountain bikes. I went MBing with coach Mike and did a couple weeks ago & enjoyed it. It's been years since I did Yankee Springs and imagine that on a Thursday morning it should be pretty quiet. 9am @ Wayland Shell station - let me know you're coming.
Saturday - If anyone would like to join me I'll be riding from home (Wayland) down to Plainwell probably on Saturday morning. The hills are easy, the shoulders are good, the traffic light and the icecream shop at the river park is refreshing. It's about 30 miles there and back unless I decide to tack more on. I did check and the road is actually very good all the way down to Kalamazoooo. I seem to be most comfortable at 15-17 mph right now on the trike. If you're a slower rider we'd be good company.

If anyone thinks that sounds like fun let me know.

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Cindy said...

Hey I will be away for the Holiday too. In Traverse City for the week if any one wants to join in for a ride. I already e-mailed Peggy Miller one of our out of town team members(Leland)we are planning on riding next week if anyone else is in town for Cherry Festival please let me know and maybe you can join us too!