Tuesday, July 1, 2008

July 4 Morning Ride?

If anyone's interested, there's an organized ride early in the morning on Friday the 4th from Rock n' Road Cycle in Grand Haven out to Allendale for breakfast, and then back. Distances range from 43 miles up to 63, and you'll be home in time for afternoon family activities. Departure time is 7AM, and they don't dawdle so if you want to go on the ride, get there by 6:45.

Email me (diddidit@gmail.com) if you're interested in the ride. I haven't decided fer certain if I'm going to do it, but if there are JDRFers involved I'll be there.


I'm bailing out on the breakfast ride - I still reccommed going if'n you want, but I got a mess o' other stuff to do and Friday morning's gonna be the time to do some of it.


Katie said...

Sorry, Did. We'll be hanging out in front of the kayak store there in Montague watching the 4th of July parade at 10a. Come join us! (Nicole will be there too!)

did said...

Really? Man, I might have to do that.

We should all ride up to Rothbury and watch the insanity at the music festival - how will Oceana county cope with 35,000 people? Inquiring minds want to know!