Monday, July 28, 2008

Ride Report 07-28-08 / The Scoop on 8/3!

Hey Guys!
We had a great ride yesterday out in wild-n-wooly Caledonia! Mucho thanks to our hosts-with-the-most Linda and Scott. Our route took us over hill and dale aaaaaaalll the way down to Middleville (Where Kevin scored a "Love Shack" t-shirt) and back. There were some hills, despite Linda's constant assurances that it "was all downhill from here!" (I didn't put her up to it - honest!) and plenty of sun and fun.

Lin and I had to eat and we missed the best part. The food looked great though. (Too bad about the pool!)

Roll Call: Brian, Tom, Maggie, Amy, Scott, Linda, Scott W, Cindy, Rob, Peggy, Katie, Steve, Lin, Kevin O, Chris, Derek, Mike H, Special Guest Paul and me-own-self.

53 miles for the long group / 32 miles for the not-as-long group.

NEXT RIDE IS THE BIG POOL PARTY / COOKOUT @ ANN-N-JOHN'S PLACE! There have been a few details distributed - here's what I have to add:

Ride time is 9:00am and food time is 1:00. Thusly I have prepared a route from Ann's that will give us 45 miles. (That'll get us back in time to party!) There will be a group leavin' my house @ 7:15 to ride out to Ann's. (24 miles) There will be the chance to ride back as well - if anyone's lookin' to get a total of 93-ish miles. (You can leave stuff in our van for Lin to bring out if you don't want to haul it on your bikes!) The loop I scouted last night is pretty much quiet country roads /w some shade and a few hills.

If there's any chance of makin' it out I highly recommend it! Ann's bash is the "other" traditional get-together of the summer and not to be missed! Be sure to RSVP w/me or Derek, okay?

11 days 'til Asheville! Holy Cow! Are we all ready or what? I can't wait.

82 days 'til Death Valley! Thatll go by like lightning! Like Kevin O on a downhill! Like Peggy on an uphill! Like......well.....really fast, that's my point.

Think Pink Pancreas Power!


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Nicole said...

Pullman, MI forecast for Sunday: Low 70, High 89, MOSTLY SUNNY. Sounds like a good ride and pool day to me.