Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ride this Sunday! Yoga too!

Hey guys! There's another one of Heather's* "Yoga for Cyclists" classes this Sunday @ the Satya Yoga Center in Saugatuck. I went to an earlier one and was WAY impressed! When you have as many miles and years on your bod as I do on this old crapped out one of need all the help you can get!'s the details on the class and the various pre-class ride options:

Meet me here @ the shop @ 7:30 and ride down to Satya to meet Brian Bowe for the....

8:30 "pre-ride-ride" from the center or meet us for the ......

10:00 "official" pre-class ride.

The class is @ noon and will last an hour or so.

The pace of the 7:30 and/or 8:30 ride(s) will be nice and mellow...we just wanna get some extra miles. I can't speak for the "official" ride as I'm not leading it..but I doubt it'll be a hammerfest!

(Hungry for more info on Satya and yoga in general? Surf on over to

Hope to see you there!


*Heather's a good friend of the shop, an avid rider, a Yoga-Queen, married to Asheville Rider Brian B. and a pretty dang sure future member of JDRF's coolest team! She'll be accompanying us to A-ville this year to provide moral support.

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