Saturday, July 26, 2008

12 Hours of Pando approaches!

Hey Team! I wanna put together (at least) 4 hardy JDRF-ers to race the 12 Hours of Pando in Belding next month. It's a 12 hour (duh) off-road relay race and a complete blast! I try and do it every year and it's a full day of riding, racing and hangin' wit'cher buds!

Details: Saturday 8/16. (aka "the week after Asheville") noon to midnight. The cost is $225 per 4 person team if we register by 8/9.

The course is about 4.5 miles of tight singletrack and open field trails. Plenty of short steep ups and tricky downs.

My ulterior motive here is to be on lotsa teams, a la the Ultimate Indoor Challenge, and get to ride a lot.



1 comment:

Katie said...

I'm assuming you weren't thinking of "me" when you described "hardy".

Sounds like a good time. Good luck to anyone who does it. Way to spread the word of JDRF.