Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Live Musick this Weekend Too!

So...........not enough goin' on for ya this weekend?

The Holland Hundred and our First-Ever Post-Holland Hundred Patio Party for JDRF and the Big Ride in Montague on Sunday seem kinda tame?

Worried that there's gonna be that 3-4 gap in your life on Saturday evening where you have nothing cool enough to do?

Anxious about getting too much sleep?

I have the solution to all your worries!

Come on down to the newly-reopened Saugatuck Brewery and see the Last Call Band fresh from their big show @ the Poker Bash / Hot Dog Party in Ravenna!

Music from 8:30 to11:30-ish. No smoke, some good eats, and I hear that it's really good beer. (I wouldn't know, but I been told)

Anyway......why should you get to sleep if I don't?!!??!!?!

See you somewhere this weekend, hopefully!


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