Monday, July 21, 2008

Half a lifetime

Ellie was born eight years ago today.

She's the only reason Steve & I started to ride. In a few weeks, she'll have lived half of her life with type 1 diabetes.

The sweat, blood & tears we put in on our rides do not compare to what this little girl goes through on a daily basis (and let's not forget the other 3,100 kids in West Michigan who are living with type 1). There are the finger pokes that we've lost count of, and the insulin pump infusion site changes and now the continuous glucose sensor sites. No person should have to be a pin cushion to stay alive. But she does it, she's tough and the outbursts of "I don't want diabetes" are sporadic these days.

When you're not sure you can continue with the fund raising or the riding, just think of Ellie and the rest of those with type 1 who don't get the choice to stop.

Thanks for doing what you do, my friends. We will be the people who cured type 1 diabetes (on bicycles).

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Nicole said...

I have no chance of adding anything even half as eloquent and meaningful. Keep on keepin' on, team. And happy birthday, Elle Bell.