Monday, July 21, 2008


Wow..........the bar keeps going up and up when it comes to post-ride parties for JDRF's Coolest Team!

Many many thanks again to Nicole, Steve-n-Katie, Derek and their assorted (and wide-spread) families for throwing such a shindig yesterday up in bee-yoo-ti-full Montague! The ride was great, thanks to Derek's tireless route work and the food, pool and festivities amazing!

You shoulda been there!

Actually - you may well have been! We had 17 riders - Derek D, Nicole N, Steve & Katie C, Rob "This map is wrong" A, Sarah M, Linda & Scott T.P. Tom & Mary S, Amy F, Ross S, (completing his 250 mile weekend!), John J, Chris R, Scott R, Nathan K and my bad self. The main group did 46 miles and when we got back the pool and deck were a-buzz w/ kids, fellow riders who had ridden the Holland 100m the day before and assorted spouses and family members.

It was a big time!

Congradulations to Mike H for winnig the salsa competition. He definitely benefitted from the judge's old-school attitude that "salsa" should be eaten w/ a tortilla chip and that "fruit salad"...although a fine thing in and of not "salsa". Nice try to all the runners-up and remember........the resluts aren't final until lI have a chance to get Mike his prize so bribes may well still be worth a shot!

Asheville is now less than 3 weeks away! Hopefully everyone has their travel plans nailed down soon. Be sure to let Mary and/or myself know for sure whether I am expecting your bike for transport in the shop trailer! If has to be here @ the shop by 5:00 on Tuesday 8/5!!!!!! I'm looking into ways for non-Hollanders to be able to get me their bikes @ the Team Ride/Pool Party at Anns' place on 8/3......more details later about that. Also - if you get your bike here to the shop by noon Monday I'll have Ted or Aaron give it a good once-over prior to packin' it away in the trailer. (N/C)

Congrats to all the Team Members that rode the Holland Hundred on Saturday! The new team "Pancreus" jerseys were a hit and didja see Jack C, Brenda B, Kevin,C and others inthe local paper yesterday? Lookin' good Team!

Next Training Ride is this Sunday @ Scott and Linda's place in Caledonia. New turf! New roads! (Hopefully they'll have the pool installed by then) (Joke). Roll out is @ 10:00, I believe and there will be plenty o' details to follow.

It was great to just sit there yesterday and look around at all the people..........laughing, smiling, chatting, eating and just being together.............and reflect on how far we've come and what we've already accomplished w/ the Team. You guys are Awesome w/ a capital "A" and Linda and I are so proud to be a part of it. Thanks a ton, you guys rock!

See you soon!
Ride safe / Ride lots!


Nicole said...

Someone (a guy probably) left a pair of what sort of looked like black swim trunks, but are actually Pearl shorts with a liner at the house. I've got 'em, and will bring to the party at Ann's house on 8/3. Let me know if they're yours!

Tom & Mary Scheidel said...

New photos are up. Click on the "Ride Team site w/pictures" link on the right side of the main page.

club-velo said...

They're mine!

Nicole said...

In that case, they're going on eBay. :)

Cindy said...

What is the opening bid?

Nicole said...

Name your bid. The Buy It Now price will be....$4000. Coincidence? Not a chance.

Side note: Are they worth more if I don't wash them?

club-velo said...

I have lots of shorts I can donate if you think it'd be a good $-raiser!
I probably don't wanna take this discussion any furthere (and will quite likely regret participating at all!) but I can think of other items of clothing that might bring the big bucks if donated by the right rider.

Okay...I'll go to my corner now.

Rob A said...

A) the google map WAS wrong...I swear. B) Call off the search...I found my pancreai (sp?) jersey. Apparently I got really motivated over the weekend and put it away where it was supposed to go. I's always the last place you expect!

Nicole said...

Maybe the shirt Katie wore to reset her computer in DV last year?

did said...

Anyone missing a nice blue and white striped beach towel? Came home with us, not quite sure how.