Sunday, July 27, 2008

Extreme/Far/Really West Michigan Ride Report 7/28/08

Hey all, meet Jason Jeross, a member of our team headed to DV in October (already sporting his jersey!). He was kind enough to invite me out to Timbuktu Shorewood, IL for a ride with the Joliet Bicycle Club on Sunday. I must say, his directions were impeccable, and I arrived earlier than necessary for our 8:00 a.m. roll-out. Definitely a good way to start the day.

Turns out, Shorewood is not near water, and doesn’t have much in the way of trees. But if you’re in the market for cornfields, blue skies, good pavement, and hardly a car in sight—this is your place. Our 42 mile ride (our group had about six of us--but there were probably a dozen or so riders in total) took us through the town of Morris, where we stopped at a bakery on Main St. I'm still deciding what I think of the Deliverance-esque muzak piped through the entire town on an otherwise silent and empty Sunday morning. I've decided. It's creepy.

While a totally awesome guy, Jason hasn’t made it to any of our team rides yet, what with him all living in the southwest suburbs of Chicago and taking care of the five, count ‘em, FIVE kids under the age of 10 he and his wife have (five year old Madison has type 1 and is his inspiration to ride). Plus, he’s training a ton on his own, working to qualify for a team out his way. However, I think I may have convinced him to bring the brood over to O’Connor’s next Sunday so you all can meet this friendly, dedicated, and super cool member of our team.


club-velo said...

Nicole..........good job reachin' out to the farther-flung members of JDRF's Coolest Team! Besides - if he liked YOU imagine how impressed w/ the COOL members of the Team! (Heh Heh)

Hopefully we'll have the pleasure of everybody's company this weekend!


Nicole said...

UpdateUpdateUpdate...Apparently, I'm pretty convincing...Just got word that the Jeross clan is planning to make the trek to Pullman on Sunday. So, Jason will have his chance to meet the rest of the team, who are apparently all cooler than me.

club-velo said...

Excellent! Now we just have to make sure that he's not bummed out to learn that you are BY FAR the coolest member of the team and that they drove all that way to hang w/ a buncha stiffs.

(Great - now I've run the risk of the whole team not understanding that I'm kidding. Good call MC!)