Thursday, July 10, 2008

A snob

And we shall blame Mike Clark.

I am a bike snob. I'm freely admitting it now. I didn't think of myself as a cyclist before today. But today, the reality hit me. I am a bicycle snob.

I decided to take a spinning class at work at lunch. $20 and you get two classes a week for eight weeks. Not miles so much, but at least my legs are moving in the right motion, right?

So I started on Tuesday. I wore my cycling gear and really did not like the bike I had. It was not comfortable, at all. Adjustments were made, nothing helped. So today, with all my cycling gear in the dirty clothes awaiting a fumigation, I decided I'd just wear shorts like EVERYONE else in the class. Big mistake.

So, come to find out, I only ride bicycles when my behind is padded and I need a Mike Clark/Velo-City cycle custom fitted bicycle to ride. I am a cycling snob.

1 comment:

club-velo said...

I knew it!

Pullin' the whole paceline like a freight train!

Referrin' to fellow riders as "cyclists", not "bikers"!

Wearin' lycra even we you don't have to!

You're hooked, GRRRL!!!!

Next step - gettin' Steve to shave his legs!

HeeHee! I don't even feel guilty - not one bit!