Friday, June 6, 2008

Sunday Ride

I'm looking to do a ride on Sunday and thought some of my fellow JDRF'ers might too. So, I'm going to host an impromptu ride this coming Sunday.

I'll be hosting it from Hager Park in Jenison/Georgetown township. My plan is to get started at about noon.

The plan, at the moment, would be to a ride of abut 60 miles or so. But, it would have Grand Haven as the halfway mark. I'd probably want to stop for a little lunch and relaxation. Enough to recover for the ride home.My route will take us out past GVSU, then north to Leonard. Leonard all the way to Grand Haven. Lunch. Then, back home along the south side of the river and back in to Jenison.

Total route shows 58.87 miles...but, would include enough rest time in Grand Haven to allow for a little recovery.If there is some interest...I think it would be fun. If not...well...I'll do it by myself darned it. I still think it will be fun!



did said...

Man, that looks really cool, and I even want to do a longer ride this weekend. But we've got company coming next week and our house looks like a grenade went off in a Toys "R" Us, and then cats moved in to the wreckage.

My son used a snow shovel to clean his room. I kid you not.

The Tour of Cedar Creek is Sunday in Twin Lake, if anyone's interested in seeing a race - it's the state championship road race, so there's some speed...


club-velo said...

Yeah...I'll be doin' all my miles in the frickin' van tomorrow and Monday......have a great ride!


did said...

So, didja do it?

Are ya, y'know, moistened?


Chris R said...

Did you stay dry? I took a short ride yesterday and got home less than 30 minutes before the sky opened up.

How about next weekend? Rob A mentioned something about maybe doing somethin on the 15th when we were at the Rampage game on Saturday.

did said...

I'll sign up fer dat, man. I need some road time. Freakin' rain!