Thursday, January 8, 2009

CAN YOU FEEL IT ? ! ? ! ? ! ?

Well...can you?

I can! The 2009 Ride Season is a-comin' at us like a freight train!

It's here!

Proof? You want proof? Okay!

#1 - I met w/ Coach Nicole for 3 hours yesterday - planning the Training Ride schedule.
#2 - The agenda for next week's Ride Commitee Meeting would get us in trouble w/ the E.P.A for the amount of paper it'll take Katie to print it!
#3 - More and more of us are signin' up for Van Andel events!
#4 - Ross is back on his bike!
#5 - Mary got a trainer!!!!!!!!!!!!! And is using it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#6 - There's all this talk of who's in and who's out for 2009. (Out!?!?!?!)
#7 - I get at least 10 e-mails a day that are 100% JDRF content.
#8 - Planning for the Holland Hundred is well underway! (Including the BRAND NEW NEWS that the bike club has named JDRF as the ride's prime beneficiary!)
#9 - I got my first flat of the year last night - on my rollers! (#@$%^&*%$@#!@!)
#10 - Heather mentioned "fund-raising" on her FB page!

Let the hoo-hah commence! Let there be get-togethers and parties and the swapping of tall tales and outright bald-faced lies! Let there be indoor rides and outdoor rides and spin classes and XC skiing and running and all manner of efforts towards fitness! Do you realize that we leave for Killington in only 32 weeks??

Okay...............I took a coupla yoga breaths there and I'm all right now. I just get kinda fired up, y'know? Looking ahead we have the Super Bowl party, the Ultimate Cycling Challenge and various other chances to hang together comin' up and I can't wait. I hope the new year is treating you well - it's kinda scary out there to hear the news tell it but I hope nothing but the best for you and yours! Any day now we'll be able to register for VT and/or DV and then we can REALLY get after it, huh?

I can't wait!

If your name isn't on this list I don't have you down for the Ulimate Challenge ride and I still need $ from everyone!
Heather A
Chris R
Brian B
Ross S
Kevin O
Kris C
Joe S
Mel W
Amy F2
Jack C
Dawn A
Brad S
Scott W

I have 3 openings left - lemme know if you want in! If you're niot riding you can still come down to hang and do the support thing y'know!

Be well, ride some if you can and I hope to see you soon!



did said...

I don't know what's more disturbing, that people might be out, or that Ross was OFF his bike.

Linda TP said...

my favorite part was the flat on the trainer...yet ANOTHER reason to avoid that nasty torture device!

MC said...

Hey...if I could climb like you can I wouldn't ride inside either!