Monday, January 26, 2009


Yep, that's egg-zac-lee what time it is, ya'll! Registration is open and our reserved spots will only be "ours" until the 29th of January! That's this Thursday for those of you that are w/out a calendar handy! I don't wanna hafta bust all pushy on ya but.........I'd really hate to see anyone that wants to ride w/ us in VT or DV miss out!!! (Remember to use the link that Mary sent out to register, otherwise you will get a "This Ride is Full" message!)

As if that wasn't enough...I need to hand in the roster and the money for the Ultimate Cycle Challenge @ the end of this week too! So - if you are on my list of riders and your name ISN'T Nicole, Derek, Kris, Scott, Linda, Melanie, Amy, Jack or Dawn.........I need your 30 bux! You can send me a check (77 East 8th, Holland Mi 49423), stop in the shop or catch me @ Van Andel tonight or Saturday. ( I still have one hour open.........if you wanna ride @ 7:00am let me know)

It's gonna be a great year! Preliminary indications are that every Ride is gonna fill up and there will be more JDRF riders is 2009 than ever before. I can't wait!

Be sure to get ahold of me, Coach Nicole or Mary if you have any questions, okay?



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