Thursday, January 22, 2009


So...I have this cool digital photo-frame-dealie in our kitchen. Some of my best friends gave it to me back in November and ever since that day it's been in the kitchen, right there next to the radio/I Pod dock thingie that plays NPR 24-7. There's approx. 17 gazillion bazillion photos in there and since it's not been shut off since we brought it home I kinda figure that I've seen them all.

And then I see a new one, like this morning.

But the thing doesn't matter whether it's a new shot or one I've seen a hundred times.

Katie riding on the lizard in McCarren Airport.
Ross and J2 on the picnic table before the ride to Zabriske.
Did w/ a bear on his head.

And all the rest....the smiles, the sweat, the bikes, the medals, the hugs, the dollar dogs, the door posters, Ann's pool, Joe's patio, Ada Park, Whitefish, Asheville, Furnace Creek, Jubilee Pass.........I catch a glimpse of a picture while on my way through the house on one mission or another and...............I just stop.



A smile spreads on my face and off I go to wherever I was bound, but I'm happier than I was a few seconds ago.

One of my favorite songs contains the line "thank you for the memories that I'm about to have". As we start rollin' into the new Ride to Cure season I just wanted to thanks you guys for all the memories I already have, and all the new ones we're gonna have soon!


PS - I'm registered...are you?


Jack said...

Registered? Yes! Vermont it is. And it will be a beautiful ride with some of the greatest people in the world. I totally agree with you Coach, these experiences not only make us & the world a better place, they identify who we are. The cause is great, the time we spend training is awesome & the places we see & the experiences we have fill our lives with something that words just can't express.

It's a new year with some new faces & new places to see. Let's have a freaking blast this year.

Tom and Mary Scheidel said...

We have been working quite a bit this week on editing the documentary. The still photos are fantastic, but we also get to hear the sounds of the rides and the emotion in people's voices. I'm looking forward to showing the finished program to the team soon. I'm also looking forward to finally doing one of these rides with Jack.

did said...

VerrrrrrMONT! I hope they have course info up soon.

MC, getting those pictures together took about 4 times longer than it should have, 'cause every one provoked a horde of memories. I had to tell myself over and over again that I didn't need to include 5 shots of the view from Zabriskie Point from each year we had people there.

Nicole said...

Sometimes, I stop doing work or Facebook or whatever for long enough with the specific purpose of starting my screensaver, just so I can see the pics float by on my own screen. The Power of the Pix is indeed strong. :)