Thursday, January 1, 2009


SO: Who's ready to rock this year? 

We got a goal: top 1 million dollars raised for our team since it's official founding in the 2005 ride year. 

Best way to get there? Start now

Now's the time to seek out corporate sponsorships, both at the individual and team level. For team sponsorships, there are official levels of support, so contact Mary at the chapter office for more info and for packets you can send out to prospective supporters. 

Now's the time to send out first letters, and to sign up to work at Van Andel Arena. 

Now's the time to get on that wheeled wonder that carried you to success in 2008 (you too, Katie).

Once I'm through this chainsawish throat affliction, I'll commence to bubblin' over with excitement. Somehow every year with this team, with you, is better than the last, and 2008 was beyond any expectation. 2009 will be even better - I can't imagine how, but it will be. Finding out will be part of the adventure.



MC said...

Well said Brotha D! Can I have an amen?

2008 was the best year ever for our Team and the Ride Program. Let's all get behind the idea that '09's gonna be better yet, okay?

It's the first day of the new year......I hope it finds you all well, happy, healthy and ready to get on after it!

Let's ride!

Linda TP said...


Proletariat Cyclist said...

Can someone send us info on the levels of corporate sponsorship? I have 2008 - are they the same?