Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Not JDRF - but pretty cool ride thing

Was passed this by a coworker of mine. Pretty cool idea...

They are looking for support/places to stay on their route. I've hopefully got Rawlins, WY covered by trusty Rawlins Daily Times sports-writer, cousin Kirk (that would be Nicole's 2nd cousin ;-).

If you know anyone on their route, send it onto them.

Hopefully they tweet their ride:

I'm sure there will be some twitpics as well.


Carlos said...


This is Carlos from Real Geeks Ride, thank you very much for helping us out with Kirk from Rawlins, it was wonderful talking to him.

We will be doing much more than twittering our ride, we will be using blogging/pictures/video/ panels and other web 2.0 services.

Thanks again!

Katie said...

Which is why you are a geek. like me