Monday, August 31, 2009


Greetings and congrats (again!) to the awesome members of the Killington Team! I have your bikes here at the shop and we are trying to get them cleaned up a bit before you pick 'em up. Obviously the sooner that is the better - I've already moved 'em twice since we got back 3 hours ago - but whatever works for y'all.

They all need a little work - call us here if you want us to go farther that a quick wipe-down. (To do more w/out your go-ahead would be presumptous, don'cha think?)

I know lots of words - but I don't know the ones I'd need to describe how proud I am of every one of you guys and in what high regard I hold you all. Thanks again and again!

On to Death Valley!



Proletariat Cyclist said...

I'll be by right after work! I have that image of a gritty mud caked bike burned in my mind. MUST CLEAN DRIVE TRAIN!

Cindy said...

I will pick mine up tomorrow before lunch.

Tom Miller said...

I already picked mine up & rode it back to Grand Haven. Great ride and the weather was a touch nicer than Killington. Thanks for cleaning the bike, it seemed faster.