Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hey Coach, Do We Hafta Wrap Our Bikes Up?

Great question, and one that I should've covered in that letter, huh? The answer is - it's up to you! In the past we've wrapped bikes bound for the Gainey truck w/ pipe insulation and bubble wrap 'cuz one of our rider's bikes got a scratch on the way to DV in 2006. Anyone that watched (or participated in) a truck loading or unloading @ a Ride a few years ago would totally understand how that could've happened, so we started protecting them. (Let's just say that there's been times when there was more "enthusiasm" than "caution" and leave it @ that.)

Things are different now. Jeremy and I are gonna load the bikes @ this end and unload them in VT. They'll be wrapped in shipping blankets and stacked as if they were on the Gainey truck. They oughta be more-than-fine.

Now - am I guaranteeing that your pride and joy will not get a nick in the paint? I am not. That's why I'm saying that it's up to you whether you take steps to protect your bike - we'll totally understand if you do & our feelings won't be hurt.

Remember - we're rollin' out @ 5:00pm on Tuesday whether we have your bike or not!

Next week! Can't wait!

How long has it been since I mentioned how much you guys rock?

'Cuz you do, you know that, right?


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