Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wednesday night Sendoff!

Just another reminder that we'll be meeting at San Marcos, 9740 Cherry Valley Ave SE (AKA Broadmoor), Caledonia - 9:00-9:30ish tomorrow night.

Margaritas are buy 1, get 2nd for a penny. Come thirsty, or bring a friend. :)

Kitchen is open until 9:30pm only. We'll try to get there and get a few snacks ordered before that...if you're counting on dinner, be sure you're there by 9:30 to place your order.

Riders, family, friends, all are welcome. We've never really had a send off party before...should be cool.

We'll arrive at the Park and Ride lot at 60th and Broadmoor by 11:15pm to start loading up the bus.

DON'T FORGET YOUR PASSPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Excited yet?


Nicole said...

Who's in for a bus euchre tournament?

did said...

I had Bananagrams in mind, truth be told.

Nicole said...

Would it surprise you to learn that I saw this comment come thru my RSS feed, and didn't even have to think about whose comment it was?

WTH is a bananagram?

Tom and Mary Scheidel said...

in for eurchre

did said...

'tis a game, scrabblish in nature, with a banana theme. Good fun.

Katie said...

We need a passport? Can we just use our driver's license?

tee hee hee

Nicole said...

So. Funny. Katie.

J D Stone said...

VeloCity Cycles on Tuesday PM.

As John "don't call me that nickname" Jasker and I watched bikes arriving to be loaded in the trailer - at the shop in Holland, well......

It's tough not being able to go along. We both agreed we wished we were goin, but know that we'll be thinking about you guys.

Have fun, a great ride-no matter how far - be proud of what you are doing.

May every hand have jacks guarded. (euchre term I learned in the UP)eh!