Wednesday, August 12, 2009


What's that you say? You're bummin' 'cuz there's no Team Stuff this weekend? O contraire! Various members of JDRF's Coolest Team are cookin' up enough BikeStuff to keep you hoppin' all weekend long! Check it:

Saturday is the 12 Hours of Pando mountainbike race. Done right this is as much a day-long party as a competitive event. Solo riders and teams of 2 or 4 race (ride) the 4+ mile pando singletrack. (One of the best trails in the area by this old dog's way of thinking - and I've ridden them all) from noon to midnight. Check it out @ and let me know if you'd like to get involved. As of this writing @ least 2 of your teammies are planning on it but we'd sure enjoy the pleasure of your company!

Sunday is another Yoga for Cyclists Class put on by our own Heather Allegrina and benefitting JDRF! If you've not done one of oughta! I've been jonesing for a yoga fix since the shop classes went on hiatus for the summer and I bet I'm not the only one! ( I know what'cher thinking - I can't do yoga after Pando. Wrong! It might be just what'cha need! For details search "Yoga for cyclists w/ group ride" on Facebook. but here's the scoop:
Where - Satya Yoga Center on Blue Star Highway in Saugatuck
When - Noon - 1:30 (Optional group ride @ 10:00)
How much - $15 minimum donation
Why - You'll feel better, learn what a yoga program could offer you as a cyclist and support JDRF
Who - You and anyone else you wanna bring along!

So - what say we get a bunch of us to ride all day (off and on) @ Pando, huh? AND let's all head down to Saugatuck on Sunday and get all sweaty and limber together too!

Next Team Ride is 8/23 - stay tuned for the details!



Chris R said...

Pando is about a mile from my house. Not sure of my plans this weekend yet, but my house may also be a refresh station. Or I can run water, supplies, or you canstop by my house to chill on the 800 sqft party deck.
Let me know if there is any interest and I will give directions.

MC said...

Pando Follow-up - The Hup United / Velo City team comprised of JDRF-ers MC and Cathy Priest and friends CD and RB won their class, beat the other (all-male) 4-person team in the Open Catagory and had a BLAST! Next year you guys gotta consider this event for sure!

The yoga class and ride was great too - Lin and I ended up w/ 48 miles & 90 minutes of great yoga w/ cool peeps! Thanks to Heather and everyone that made it!

MC said...

I also wanna thank Team Support Wizard Chris R for his company, support and the PIZZA!

You ROCK dude!