Sunday, August 30, 2009

Where to Start? What to Say?

When I got up @ 4:30 this morning it was raining steadily. For 3 days we'd been watching the weather, talking about the weather and worrying about the weather. Now it was Ride Day and our worst fears were realized - rain, lots of rain and temps in the 50's. Oh - and fog. As I walked to breakfast (and a meeting w/ the other 3 that'd be making the call as to whether we rolled as planned, push back the start or even ride a'tall) I would've given you even odds on any of those 3 options. I wasn't looking forward to taking even a quarter share of the heat if we cancelled the Ride.

But - as we ate and talked the weather cleared (a little) and it warmed up (a little) and I'm pleased to report that we settled for pushing the start back an hour (to 8:00) and then we hit the road.

I'm very tired and have another early morning so lemme give you the high points of the day - Basically......our Team rocked! Everyone rode SO well and once again at the end of a long and very challenging day it was a West Mich -heavy crowd that greeted weary riders @ the finish line. And - the winner of the Best Breakpoint Award went to the one manned by a crowd of West Mich guests.

I know this isn't even coming close to capturing the essence and the power and the emotion of this Ride. This was the biggest Ride to Cure ever and we had the biggest team here. Once again the passion of these riders, volunteers and staff shone bright even on a pretty damn gloomy day. I'm beyond proud of the riders, the coaches, the volunteers and the JDRF staff. It was a
helluva day and I can't wait to tell you more. For you team mates @ home - these folks did you more-than-proud and you're see what I mean when the pix and FB posts start flowing.

Gotta go - you all rock SO HARD that I just can't think of how to say it!

Your very proud and humbled coach - MC

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