Monday, August 24, 2009

Post Ride Report: 8/23

If you're gonna have a cool-down ride just a few days before several folks head off to Vermont, the training ride we had Sunday is exactly how you want it to happen.

So many things went juuuuuust right yesterday...

Weather: Cool temps, no rain, a few peeks of sun. Pretty much awesome.

Location: Thanks so much to the Fischers for hosting us yesterday at their gorgeous home on Mona Lake. Thanks to the Fishers and Williamsons for putting on an awesome spread!

Riding STRONG: This group kept up a clip around 18-19 mph for the duration of our 45 mile ride yesterday. Everyone pushed themselves hard, and rode really, REALLY well.

Riding SMART: We sent a ridiculously long letter (sorry 'bout that) to the Killington folks last week with tons of detail about our trip, but also wrapped it up with some friendly reminders about what it means to be good cycle citizens and to ride smart. Yesterday, we were (pretty much) that cycling team that drivers don't mind sharing the road with. Cool.

Great Peeps: 21 riders (including our first ride with Pablo! Welcome!!), one stopper-byer (Jack Clark), and one puttin' on the party-er (Amy F to the F):

Kathy Hesch
Derek "Still a bit fuzzy" Dykstra
Katie Clark
Scott & Melanie "I make a perfect s'more" Williamson
Maggie DeBoer
Cindy Aley
Tom Miller
Dawn Andersen
Linda Clark
Nathen Kooi
John "Stop calling me that nickname" Jasker
Brenda Baushke
Lynne Gallagher
Ken Thorne
Nick Murphy
Pablo Peschiera
Kevin Carnes
SGS Dawn Riccomini
Coaches MC & N2

So, the bikes are being loaded onto the trailer as we type, and our mobile bike room and rockin' coach MC leave tomorrow night for Killington. Can you believe it's here?

Don't forget the pre-bus-loading gathering at San Marcos in Caledonia on Wednesday night, 9:00ish. Join us!

You guys rock more each time we write these post-ride reports. Cool.

PS. Even with all those things going super right on Sunday, it's hard to forget that things went really darn WRONG for Cathy P to the T last week. Send some good vibes her way on Tuesday as she has a bit 'o surgery to fix her mountain-biking-broken wrist, eh? Love you, Cath!

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MC said...

Allow me to second everyone of Nic's emotions!

It WAS a great day!
Everyone DID ride well!
The food was AWESOME!
As were our hosts!
You guys DO rock!
Cath DOES need a little bit o' your spare good vibes sent her way today!
Killington IS gonna rock!

....and so do you guys. Everyone on this team is so special and means a lot. You guys are making a difference and that kicks butt. Seriously. What say we go to Vermont and have us a real fine time, huh? (DV folks - we're gonna miss you! We'll represent you well in VT and look forward to telling you tales and supporting you guys in Oct!)