Friday, April 16, 2010

*clank clack* BRING OUT YER SCRAP

Hey, 'afore I forget again, there's yet another opportunity to raise some money and/or reduce your garage crap pile! It's the, uh, lessee here, carry the 2... 4th Annual Herman Miller Earth Day Scrap Metal (and other stuff) Drive! We're primarily looking for scrap metal, in the form of appliances (including fridges and air conditioners - no need to have the freon removed first), shelves, first-generation Iron Man suits, engines (drain the oil and gas from those, please), nickel-iron meteorites, aluminum (and its close cousin aluminium), old bicycle chains, pipes, you name it, if it's metal, we'll find a way to take it, and we'll even help ya unload yer jalopy.

We'll also take pesticides, garden chemicals, household and car batteries (NOT nickel-cadmium batteries, though), and pretty much any electronics. Please note that there will be a $5 charge to drop off a TV.

As with prior years, you've got two places to drop stuff off - at the HMI Spring Lake Van Wagoner street plant (mappitty map map) in the parking lot, or at HMI's Mainsite building in Zeeland (zip zop zap map), at the Building F dock doors on the east side of the building. At both places we'll be accepting stuff from 3-5 pm today, Friday the 16th, and from 8 am - noon on Saturday the 17th.

Questions? Email coach did...

See ya Saturday night at Jake's Music Fest, if you're going to the Family Fun Day, have a blast! Next team ride is Saturday the 24th at 10 am from Johnson Park in Grand Rapids!

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