Monday, April 19, 2010

Sea Otter Report!

Hey Team!

Greetings from (way!) sunny California! Okay - it's like 10:30 as I write this so not all that sunny but there's been nothing but clear skies and warm temps since I got out here Thursday.

Doing what exactly, you ask?

Good one!

I'm out here w/ Trish and Aly (aka the Twin towers of the Ride Program) to promote the Ride @ the Sea Otter Classic - a giant race/consumer bike show/expo/festival in Monterey. We have a 10 x 10 booth and we spent 3 days talkin' up the Rides, handing out flyers (featuring Linda Clark Her Own Self) and DVD's (featuring Lotsa Folks We All Know), giving away socks from the '06-'07 season (remember the green and yellow ones?) and making connections in the bike industry.

It's been quite enlightening - it seems that we (JDRF) has a bit of an image problem in the fact that we ain't got one! An image, that is. 90+% of the folks we talked to thought we were the ADA and that they were "doing your ride in Napa". Or LA. That's one reason we WERE there - to get the word out that we exist, our Rides rock and that we have a cool thing going. Oh sure - hopefully we'll see at least a few of the folks we chatted up register - and I bet we do.....but even if not we fired the 1st shot in a battle that needs to be fought!

I was sorry to miss the Music Festival, and the Yankee Springs TT but we have a Team Ride coming up this Saturday! 10am @ Johnson Park. A not-too-far-in-the-future post here will have a map, more details and more info on the fact that a few of us are talking about riding a century that day and how you can join the fun.

I just wanted to fill y'all in on what I've been up to out here - not that I thought you were wondering - but it was JDRF biz so now you're in the loop.

Homeward bound tomorrow - and I'll hopefully see many of you on Saturday if not before. Stay tuned!

You guys rock - but you knew that, right?

Coach Mike

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