Monday, April 5, 2010

Skip Spring Cleaning and Come Ride With Us Sunday (and other awesome ideas for you!)

Hope spring has come and firmly planted itself in your life in the past couple of weeks, and you're getting tons of fresh air and sunshine (with sunscreen, of course!). Here's what we have to share with you this week:

FIRST TEAM RIDE! FIRST TEAM RIDE! FIRST TEAM RIDE! - This Sunday, 4/11, is our first team ride of the season. We'll meet at Steve and Katie Clark's house in Grandville for a 2:00pm roll-out (that means you should show up no later than 1:45pm!). A link to the map is in the e-mail you should have received recently. We'll do 19 or 28 miles (your pick) and stick around for snacks afterward if you want (bring something to share!). There will be a super awesome, totally more than capable, and entirely nice babysitter available for hire as well. Kaley's been watching the Clark girls forever, and is looking forward to watching your kids too, if you like. Please plan on $4/hour for your first kid, and $1-2/hour for each additional kid, and check check in with Katie for more details. Current forecast is 65 and party cloudy... approximately 14,238 times better than this ride last year. Feel free to call me (Nicole) at 616.745.8974 or Coach Did (231.557.8490) if you need anything. Including sunscreen.

T-SHIRT CONTEST - It's time for our annual ploy to get you to do some of our work for us....the t-shirt design contest! As has become team tradition, we'll collect (starting today!) design ideas for our 2010 team shirts. We'll post all the entries here on the blog for voting, and the winner is, well, the winner. The rules: the design must fit on (approx) a standard 8.5X11" sheet of paper, include no more than two colors (three if you count the shirt itself as a color), and in the past...we've learned that dark screens on lighter shirts work best. Ideally we'd like our team/Chapter name (Michigan Great Lakes West), the year, and the JDRF ride logo (we can give you that) somewhere in the design...but it's totally up to you and not required. The committee reserves the right to change colors (don't worry, we'll tell ya first) on the winning design to make it work for printing...but really, anything goes. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ENTRIES TO KATIE CLARK BY WEDNESDAY, APRIL 14. Electronic is best, but if you want to draw it, that's fine too--just bring it to Sunday's ride at her house or mail it.

VAN ANDEL - Every now and then you might receive an e-mail from Cindy Aley about upcoming events at Van Andel. This is a fundraising opportunity unique to our team, and a totally great moneymaker for a lot of folks. Thing is, sometimes people wait until the last minute to step up and help out...which, frankly, isn't cool to Cindy who spends tons of time and energy organizing our people/time and working with the VA contact to ensure we get the best pick of stuff. Let's try to help maintain her sanity (and let her enjoy bike season even more!) by being extra responsive to Van Andel requests, and committing time early. There's only a few events left this season, but most of them are BIG ones that will be great moneymakers for this quarter. Get in on the cash and the fun...grab your favorite black slacks and white shirt and c'mon down! (Not on Cindy's list yet? Just shoot her an e-mail!)

JERSEYS - The pink jersey reorder is in motion. Thanks to everyone that responded with their request. Unfortunately, we didn't have enough interest to do the bibs/shorts in addition to the jerseys...but, we'll have final pricing and delivery details ASAP.

JERSEYS PART DEUX - You will be contacted before long by Brenda Byers, newest Special Events Coordinator (Welcome Brenda to the chapter and to our extended team!) at the chapter office, to confirm your size for the ride day jersey. This is something you selected upon registration--she's just going to confirm that you still want the size you indicated. As in recent years, they will be men-/women-specific Hincapie Club Cut jerseys (click here for sizing chart).

RAISE MORE FUNDS! - So, last year, folks who went above and beyond their fundraising goal by $1000 were acknowledged by being offered a really cool jacket from the national folks. While we think (no promises) that the same sort of thing will be in place for 2010, we thought it was important to recognize you at the team level for huge effort like that. Therefore, we're happy to announce that any team member that raises more than 25% over his or her minimum fundraising requirement this year will receive a great team fleece jacket. It will be a source of pride for you, and also a great item to wear around town to start conversations that might even recruit a few folks to join our team. So, log some VA hours, start working on your letter, write some e-mails, or contact anyone on the ride committee for more fundraising ideas!

MILESTONES - Speaking of fundraising...since that is, after all, what we're doing...we recently added some milestone dates for each ride site (along with a TON of other updated information!) to our team Web site. Check it out, and make sure you're on track for a successful year. Let any one of us know if you have any concerns.

Thanks to each and every one of you. Hope to see you all on Sunday!

'Da Committee
Nicole, Katie, Cathy, Coach Mike, Coach Did, Cindy, Tom, and JD

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