Sunday, April 25, 2010


Well - the weather threatened but never delivered on its promise of rain and wind so 6 (only 6!) members of the World's Coolest Team gathered @ Johnson Park in GR and enjoyed a great ride. For the rest of you - here's some of what'cha missed:

A sweet 29 or 38 mile route on the NE side of Grand Rapids.

Coach Did and I performing the rarely seen syncronized dual front flat as we descended into Tallmadge. Yep - 2 flats @ virtually the same instant! (Not that anyone's keeping score but I had mine changed first - jus' sayin'). Some of you might recall that Cindy set the Team Flat Record on this same ride last year (or mebbe 2 years ago?) w/ 4. I took a half-hearted shot @ her record by riding into the park on a slow leak yesterday but fear not Cin - you still de (wo)man!

The sight of Tom Miller, Kaat Tahy, JD Stone & Linda Clark riding strong and displaying the value of doin' some winter training miles.

A considerable spread on the tailgate of the truck back @ the park - chips n salsa, various cookies, gummy teddy bears, yummy cold beverages, etc.

The no-doubt stunned and wondering look on my face as Derek explained to us that the bunch of weird dudes in the green facepaint were in fact "L.A.R.P. ing". (You HAD to be there!)

Lotsa "advice" (probably zero of which will turn out to be of any use whatsoever!) from her teammies as newbie-duathlete Kaat made the mistake of admitting that she was stressing a bit over the tranisitions in her upcoming duathlon.

So - we had fun - lotsa fun - and we missed you! The next Team Ride on the schedule is set for May 16th up @ Tom Miller's place near Grand Haven. (Hopefully he won't need the drawbridge this time!) I sure hope we see you there!

That's a decent amount of time from now - as we set up the schedule we were tryin' to miss Mother's Day and other stuff - and there is some talk of an "unofficial" Team Ride 'tween now and then so stay tuned for info on that as well as All Things Team Related by checking back to this here Blog every once in awhile.

Ride Summation:

Tom Miller, JD Stone, Kaat Tahy, Linda Clark, Coach Derek, Coach Me.
3 flats.
38 miles.
Lotsa hills.
A few drops of rain.
Lotsa food.

Thanks for reading, thanks for riding, thanks for being a part of our Team, thanks for rocking like you all do!

See you soon!
Coach Mike

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did said...

It wasn't quite this level of LARP-itude, but there were the foam swords and all.