Monday, April 12, 2010

First Team Ride Report!

Here's ye olde rolle calle of Those who Rocked:

Steve and Katie
Chris and Becky (on her first team ride ever!)
Dawn "I will NOT stop and walk up this hill!" A
Amy FF.
Linda TP.
Cindy A.
Tom and Mary
The Amazing Ian
Head Trophy Wife Linda
Assistant Trophy Wife and Chief Skin Examiner Kirsten
Rick B.
Jeff H. (on his first team ride ever!)
Mike H., looking unusually upright and conspicuously missing a wheel
Chris R.
SGS Bonnie
Tom M.
Nick M.
an me, Whomper McDiddershizzle.

So, out of 6 "first team rides" that I've done, I don't think any could hold a candle to this'un. I mean, 71 degrees on April 11? That's unpossible! And 25 people is a heckova turnout, especially since it was the tail end of spring break week! Everyone looked to be having a good ol' time, riding comfortably in a group, and mushing up those snippy little hills with a minimum of fuss.

If you'll forgive me getting a bit philosophical, last year had a bit of an "eh" overtone to it - I mean, it was only a "really good" year, not as thumpingly excellent as we know is possible - and I think this year will put us back on that most awesome track. There's less of economic gloom and doom hanging over us all; I mean, it's still pretty craptacular out there, but it at least the craptacularity has stabilized enough that you can plan for things. We have a nice crop of first-time riders, and some returning folks we haven't seen in a while. Not least, my wife has FINALLY seen the wisdom of wheels and pedals! I guess what I'm lurching my rhetorical way towards is that y'all are great mood boosters - I was feeling kinda punky last week, spending way too much time being mopey, and there's nothing like a good team ride on a gorgeous day to bump ya out of that kind of rut. So, thanks! I needed that!

Anyway, so: next team ride is Saturday, April 24, from Johnson Park in GR (here's an advance on yer map: We'll do 30ish miles, with options on the low and high ends of the "ish" range. Rollout time is TBD at this point; I know a bunch of you will be working the Elton John concert that night, so we'll plan backwards from that and let you know. Right now we're probably looking at noonish. Food is always welcome, as I don't want to get too skinny, ya know.

Also, we're still fleshing out the ride schedule, and we've got open dates to fill. So, if you're interested in hosting a team ride, let me, MC, or Nicole know. Open dates and distances are:

6/20, 45-50 miles
7/18, 55-60 miles (this is the day after the Holland Hundred, so a shorter option would acceptable too)
9/5, 60-65 miles
9/19, 65-70 miles
10/2, 70-75 miles

Like the Pirate's Code, the distances are really only guidelines; we can work with ya on routes and stuff.

Also also, next weekend chock-full of events: Friday afternoon and Saturday is the Herman Miller Earth Day Scrap Drive, Chris Radford's Family Fun Day is Saturday morning, and Jake's Music Festival is Saturday night. More info will be posted here on the blog!

So, see ya on the 24th, if not before!


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