Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Money makin' opp-or-tunity

Welcome back long time sponsor XS Energy Drinks. They have once again sent us a pallet of energy drinks and a pallet of H2Ultra water. XS Energy Drinks have no carbs and no sugar. They are loaded with B vitamins and taste great. For those new to the team, or just as a refresher, here's how the program works.

A case of energy drink (12 cans) cost $15. You pay that much to the JDRF office and the money is credited to your ride account. You can then drink the XS yourself or sell it to friends and family. All money raised goes to the ride account of the person who sells it. This promotion has generated over $3,000 a year for team. This year some of the flavors are available in 24 packs. These will sell for $30.

We have lots of great flavors:
Citrus Blast (24 packs)
Cherry Blast (24)
Electric Lemon (24)
Root Beer (24)
Root Beer - caffeine free (12 pack)
Cola (12 and 24 packs)
Tropical Blast (12)
Wild Berry Blast (12)
Cranberry-Grape (12)
Black Cherry Cola (12)

The H2Ultra water also comes in 12 packs. It is for use at your events, like golf outings or Family Fun Days. Call Tom or Mary Scheidel for more info. Making money for the ride was never so refreshing.

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