Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo Team Note!

So, it's May, and things are picking...

Hey! Put down the margarita and pay attention! This is important!

Things are picking up as summer approaches, and we've got news, opportunities, and instructions for ya!

First off, riding - are you? We do team rides roughly twice a month, but that's nowhere near enough training if you're planning anything like 100 miles at your ride destination. You need to be riding at least 2-3 times a week, and building up the distances you ride too. There are lots of opportunities for group rides organized by local shops and clubs, and most of them have multiple groups and distances and are always happy to have more people show up! There's a list of local rides on this page, as well as links to training plans that Coach Mike has put together.

AND, because our team is big and awesome and spread out over the West Michigan area, there's probably someone on the team who lives near you and would love to ride with you! The best place to make contact is probably Facebook, but if you get in touch with anyone on the ride committee or either of us coaches we'll hook ya up!

That said, our next official team ride isn't until May 16, but if you can drag yourself away from work on Friday the 7th we'll have a group riding from Spring Lake to Holland and back, for roughly 60 miles total. It's a fun, easy ride, pretty much completely flat, with a good junk food stop in the middle. Rollout time will be 9am from the Herman Miller Spring Lake 171st Street Plant. If you want a shorter option with the same junk food stop, we'll go through the Pigeon Lake area, where there is a parking lot. I don't know if it's a public lot, or if you'll have to pay to park, or what, but there ya go. I think that'll make for about a 30 mile ride. If we leave at 9, we'll probably go through there between 10:15 and 10:30. Looks like it'll be a wet, not-very-warm ride, so, well, there ya go. Extra hardcore points will be awarded, and the hot funnel cake in the middle will taste extra awesome.

Another upcoming ride opportunity is the very nice 100 Grand tour, on June 5. As they did last year, the Rapid Wheelmen are offering FREE entry to any registered members of the JDRF team. There are 17, 35, 65, and 105 mile routes, so there's something for everyone. It's a really nice ride, and I highly recommend doing it. If you want to sign up, please email me by May 21 to be put on the list.

Now - Team Jerseys (the pink ones, that is)! The order has been placed, so we'll have them, uh, soon, I guess. Thus, it's time to pay up if you ordered one. Unfortunately, we didn't hit the quantity we wanted, so the cost is gonna be a little higher than originally advertised. Your cost will be $40 per jersey. They are very nice jerseys, and you're still getting it for way less than cost (thanks Herman Miller!). So, if you ordered one (or more), send $40 per jersey to our team treasurer (Tom Miller) at 11881 Mistral Lane, Grand Haven, MI 49417, or just bring it to our next team ride.

Finally - did ya remember to vote for your favorite T-shirt design?

Ride well, rock stars! See ya soon!


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