Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Team Ride Report, 5/16

Hey Team!

We had a pretty good group that gathered up @ Tom Miller's (happily moat-free) house near Grand Haven for a ride last Sunday. We rode 'tween 30-40 miles and throughly enjoyed the fruits of his grill labors and sweet sunshine on the deck afterwards. No crashes, flats or UFO sightings to report.....but if you weren't there you missed a great day!

Honor Roll Call:
Host w/ the Most Tom M
Mary S
Cathy Kaat
John J
Chris R
Heather A-B
Brian B
Cindy A
Special Guest Greg
Special Guests (and Tom's neighbors) Riley and ?????(Never got his name, sorry)
Linda C
Peggy E
(Not so Trike) Mike H
Jeff H
Rick B
Mel W
Coach Did (w/ the last ride on Ruby....sniff)
Coach Me

Lotsa cool stuff comin' this-a-way as May draws to a close....Teammie Sarah A has her "Bike, Brews and a B-B-Q" bash and fund-raiser this Friday.

ALSO - we have 'nother Team Ride a-comin' up this Sunday! We'll gather @ the Scheidel's in Rockford @ 2:00pm for a route that promises to get'cher climbing legs loosened up! We'll send out the details as to their exact location via e-mail.

Looking ahead - The 100 Grand is comin' up fast, it's on 6/5! Remember that as a Team we get to ride for free but you need to let Coach Did know so he can sign everyone up en masse. It's always a great ride.

Our next Team Ride after this Sunday will be 6/6 in Holland. It's a can't miss it sort of day 'cuz JD has secured the yard and pool beside Lake Macatawa here in H-land and it's also the "Tour de Taco Ride". (The city is tearin' up our street all summer so I'll be doing the fajita grilling out by the lake. I can deal.)
Note to 100 Grand Riders - Don't think you gotta miss this ride 'cuz you rode long the day before! We will offer a "Super-Special-I-Rode-All-Dang-Day-Yesterday-And-My-Legs-Are-Toast " loop just for y'all that will be short, simple and flat so you can eat and recover by the pool.

Remember - if you don't get your "Pink Peloton" jersey $ to Tom Miller asap then you ain't for sure gonna get a jersey! We are only ordering a few extra so if you want one (and many of you said that you did!) time to pony up the dough. $40 in a check made out to Tom Miller please. Bring it to the next ride, put in in the mail, drop t off @ the JDRF office, at Velo's not that hard people!

I think that does it. As I sit here I look ahead @ the coming months and marvel at all that will go down in the next buncha weeks. There are already more riders signed up to ride this year than we had in 2009 so we are well on the way to the biggest year ever for the Ride to Cure Program! You guys are a huge part of that as our Team continues to lead the way. It's gonna be a great year!

So - keep riding. Keep fund-raising. Keep in touch w/ each other and most of all.......

Keep rocking 'cuz after all - it's how we roll, huh?

See you this Sunday if not before and - as always - thanks for doing what you do & beiong who you are!

Ride on
Coach Mike

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