Monday, May 24, 2010


Lessee.........what do I remember about yesterday's ride........? Well - it was hot. And hilly. And hot. And there were some hills. And it was kinda warm, mebbe even hot. And.....'twas some up and down.
Did I mention that it was more-than-a bit warm, hot even?

Major World's Coolest Team Ever Props to our Hosts - Tom and Mary Scheidel* - for arranging a well-nigh Death Valley specific ride! There were 2 routes, a 40 miler and a 25 miler and we had a pretty good group of riders on each one.

Speaking of which, here's the role call:

Tom S
Mary S
Katie C
Steve C
Chris M
Becky M (Winner of ALL of the Hardcore Points. More on that in a bit)
Coach Did
Special Guest Star Ms Did (AKA Kirsten D)
Tom M
Linda TP
Scott P
Sarah A (Back in the saddle again!!!!!)
Nick M
Nicole N
Brad S
Chris R
Linda C
Walt F - Newest member of our team! Picked up his bike on Sat and rode 25 miles Sunday! Dang!
Coach me

After the ride there was much feasting on everything from giant strawberries to chips and salsa (shocking!!!) to Linda TP's wicked salsa and a big pot of rice/bean/chicken stuff.

One down note - Becky 3rd "incident' of the day proved to be one too many as our fears were confirmed when she was diagnosed w/ a fractured elbow last night. Let the record show that she rode 10+ miles on said fractured elbow, hence the bestowing of the Hardcore Points. Here's to fast recovery and a shifter-friendly cast or splint! (Hmmmm - do I see a tandem in her future? It's been done before!)

Other than that fairly massive downer 'twas a great ride and everyone (everyone!) rode really really well on a challenging route on a challenging day. We are gonna be SO ready for DV! (And VT and Tucson too!) Might be fun to re-visit this loop in a month or 2 and see how much easier it gets!

Next Team Ride is Sunday 6/6. It's the Tour de Taco and this year it moves form the Clark's backyard to the pool and park alongside Lake Macatawa @ Eldean's Shipyard. (Thanks to JD for setting that up!) There will be 3 routes - a 45 miler w/ a good shortcut and - as promised - a flat and easy 20 miler in case you wanna ride the 100 Grand the day before. We roll @ 11:00 to get lotsa pool time.

Other naggy stuff:
If you don't get your 40 bux to Tom Miller soon you might not get the "pink peloton" jersey that you said you wanted. Jus' sayin'.

Remember to tell Coach Did if you are planning to do the 100 Grand so he can include you in our team registration. That get's ya in for n/c!

We're doing a Memorial Day Ride from the shop - sort of an impromptu 45-50 miler. Rollin' @ 9:00am.

Okay, I think that covers it.........allow me to remind y'all just how much you ROCK, 'cuz you all for sure do!

See you on the road! Be safe, ride lots, keep the rubber side down!

Coach Mike

* Ian - I didn't forget you dude...but you weren't there, y'know?


J D Stone said...

You forgot HUMID - it initiallywas a 3H (Hot, Hilly and Humid) ride and I guess if you add Becky's mishaps we can call it 4H and I think you all know what the 4th H stands for.

Melanie said...

Not my fault!!!!!!

Melanie said...
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