Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Team Ride this Sunday!

Hey, gangarino -

We've got a team ride coming up that I dung near fergot about! This Sunday, we'll be hosted by the ever-generous (and hardcore points leader) Tom Miller, south of Grand Haven (map to his house will be emailed). Rollout time will be 2pm, so - you know the drill, here - be there by 1:45, and if ya want bring some munchies for the inevitable post-ride nosh session. We'll have routes in the 35ish mile range.

Hmm. Just had a tornado warning drill. What fun. Aaaaaaaah, run from the fauxnado! Hide, hide in the bathrooms!

Anyway, so, yeah. Oh, again, if you ordered a pink jersey and haven't paid for it yet, bring along a check for $40 per jersey made out to Tom Miller.

Watch your email, keep on ridin', keep on rockin'!


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