Friday, May 14, 2010

Winning 2010 team t-shirt

Congrats to Nicole Nelles - designer of the winning 2010 JDRF Michigan Great Lakes West Ride team t-shirt. And this is about the only prize there is for "winning" - so,

Congratulations Nicole!

(Nicole will kill me if I don't tell you that it was her design & idea but submitted with mismatched "stickers", so I did some graphic work to give the shirt some consistency with size/text on "stickers". she wants to share the glory, i think to avoid the continued convo about the 2008 ride shirt. and so there is no jealousy, this is not the only shirt i helped with on graphics. ;-)

So, team this is YOUR t-shirt. We need you to decide on colors for t-shirt and for writing. IDEAS? Put them in the comments. I can change the image above to the ideas suggested and put them out here for another vote.

Also - if you have vendors whose logo should be on the back of this t-shirt, please - GET THEM TO KATIE in EPS or VERY HIGH quality JPG ASAP.
(J.D. - this is for you!)

Thanks to everyone who submitted a design. They were all great ideas!


Tom and Mary Scheidel said...

How about a cream or tan shirt with the lettering in dark blue. 2nd choice would be a dark blue shirt with white lettering.

Linda TP said...

Way to go Nicole!!
I think they should at least give you candy or something for winning.

I like bright greens and blues

Chris M. said...

The Machuta's like The Scheidel's second choice of dark or royal blue with white lettering.

Nice job Nic.

MC said...

American Apparel 100% cotton shirt - something dark-ish (navy? brick red? green") w/ white ink.

Nicole said...

Thanks, all. Glad you like it.

I like MCs idea, navy/white, but am guessing AA is out of our budget...or is it? I dunno. But since it'll be only one color, that's kinda like doing 2 dark colors on a light shirt, so the cost for that should be reasonable.

J D Stone said...

Katie has the Logo for Yacht Basin/Boat Services already in the format she needs.


Katie said...

JD - Katie wrote it, so no she doesn't. I need high quality JPG or EPS. That's not what you sent.