Sunday, September 23, 2007

Coolio gets squirted in the chops, we bike.

Well, despite the absence of our beloved Coachman, seven of us gathered at Montague Township Park for a generally very nice 60-65 miles (depending on who you ask) wander-ride up into Oceana County. My usual map fetish was thwarted by some unexpected gravel roads on my test-drive late last week, so Nicole, Katie, Steve, Patti, Kevin C, and Dawn had to rely on my verbal directions. I can report that everyone is accounted for, so I guess we did OK.

The weather was freakin' perfect, the roads were quiet, and the hills were, uh, hilly. Katie did accuse me of basing our route on finding the highest point in Oceana County. I regret that I have been unable to find out exactly where that is, but we did hit some nice verticals, and in a couple of weeks the view from the top of one of those will be a great fall canvas. We also found a killer downhill (WITHOUT a stop sign right at the bottom!) that gave a few folks all-time top speeds!

So, anyway, I'm now on a Nyquil-based diet, so look for a better report from Nicole in a couple of days.

Oh, and Coolio was a small terrier-thing that decided to chase us; my totally random aiming skills actually worked for a change, and he got a very surprising blob of water right in the face. I don't think I've ever seen a dog look quite so startled.

Off to bed...



Katie said...

I'm voting for 64 miles.

My leg and "seat" are a bit blue today from the "oh shit" fall.

We did see the highest (and 2nd highest) elevation in Oceana county, I'm sure of it.

It was a great ride. A few near misses for Steve by dogs (Coolio), & people in wheelchairs. The weather was BEAUTIFUL.

I've done a final tally, and I consumed right around 300 grams of carbohydrates between noon and 6p yesterday. Blood sugar stayed between 66 (the low that took a gatoraid, an orange juice and energy beans to get back up) and 120. Basal rate at 30%.

Katie said...

I forgot: 40.8 mph is FAST! ;-)