Friday, September 7, 2007



Whassup Team!?!?!?!?!?!? NO one got nuthin' to say 'bout nuthin'? May I remind you that we are in the absolute heart of our Ride to Cure season?

That 21 of us enjoyed a profoundly moving and enjoyable experience in MT last month?!

That 3 more teammates (and yours truly) will be headin' out to Whitefish in a coupla weeks to do the same?!

That our ever-changing-but-always-awesome Death Valley squad is only 41 days away from climbin' on the big silver bird for the trip west?!

That our own Mary Schiedel is takin' over Julie's gig @ the office?!

That we have a Team Ride comin' up a week from Sunday?!

That the BANG Tour, Apple Cider, ODRAM and lotsa other cool rides are right 'round the corner?!

Let the chatter commence! Let there be maps and pictures and thinly disguised jokes at each other's expense!

Is anybody out there!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!


did said...

Between work and the didlet starting school (how'd I get a first grader? Yeesh!), ain't no time to do nuthin', it seems. I'm planning to hit the ride on the 16th, though, and I did abuse Nicole with some of Oceana County's finest hills last Sunday...


Nicole said...

He sho' did. But I asked for it. "Derek, let's go for a ride, but not flat miles so much--I need some HILLS." I've never had my word taken at such face value before.

Katie said...

I'm going to have to skip the team ride on the 16th. I have a "Women's Expo" in Whitehall, MI to benefit JDRF. Friends put it on at Lakeside Inn on White Lake, and I get to the take the profits to JDRF. Not a bad gig.

I plan on team riding where ever it ends up on the 23rd. Nicole did say there were NO hills in Chicago. What about another trek to White Lake? Derek has some good trails up there (and remember the crowds cheering for us at every turn!?).

Tom & Mary Scheidel said...

We will also not be at the 16th ride. Our youngest has a weekend soccer tournament in Traverse City. We will make the 23rd ride, wherever it is.

Nicole said...

I think another jaunt to northern Muskegon/Oceana county sounds like a great idea. That way Derek can show ALL of us his awesome hills on Baseline Road. :) I'm pretty sure we can recruit more cheerleaders, too.

did said...

Sounds like I'd better figure out exactly where the dirt roads are...


Tom & Mary Scheidel said...

We missed the first north country ride so would be up to head to Derek's neck of the woods.