Tuesday, September 18, 2007


That's a familiar mop of blond curls!


Katie said...

You'd think her mother could have removed the dirt from under and weeks old nailpolish splotches on the top of her finger nails. Sheesh!

Seriously - the photographer wanted a picture of our sensor sites. Buddy, there is no way you are getting me to bare my stomach for possible nationwide press.

Nicole said...

I also like how you're wearing coordinating colors. Because that truly is par for the course around the Clark household. Katie, Ellie, and Anna, always matching. Daily. I think I'm getting you guys Lily Pulitzer outfits for Christmas.

Katie said...

ok. that actually was not planned. we got dressed on Thursday not knowing a photographer was coming that night. So there. Anna is the problem in our coordination efforts... the girl dressed in a purple shirt, green plaid shorts and yellow socks went off to school today.

Nicole said...

why didn't you and Ellie put on something similar? Or wait--I know. STEVE was already wearing the same thing as Anna. :)

Can't wait for the gang to come to great north once again this weekend. Who's in??