Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Quick Whitefish Report

Greetings form Sin City! Amidst all the other Vegas-related madness the biz center here in my :hotel" rnets computers for 15 bux an hour, so I'll make it brief. ( I know....I know....."get a laptop". Blah Blah blah.)

The Sept Whitefish Ride to Cure was a raging success, much like August! Everyone I spoke with during or after (and I spoke w/ a ton of 'em!) was positivly glowong about the route, the Ride, the folks............the whole shebang!

What a powerful deal this is! I saw tears and I saw smiles and I heard laughter and I heard cheers. So cool!

Your teammates Jeff, Joel and Chuck rode well...........all 3 did 100 miles + and Chuck did the whole 118. (Star Meadow was open again) They looked good @ dinner Friday night "representin' the mitten" in their team tees.

Jeremy and I were pretty much buried in the Bike Room from Wed lunch 'til 1:00 this morning. We were tryin' to raise the bar to remind everyone that West Michigan ain't nuthin' to mess with and the preliminary reports are that we succeeded. We both drove sag wagonms all day yesterday and aside from one endo-induced dead wheel and a buncha flats.......we had little to do.

The weather window was finely tuned just like the smoke issues of August. It was rainy and in the high 40's on Thursday, sunny and 70 on Friday, partly cloudy and about 68 yesterday and least @ 5:00 am which is as far as I can vouch for.....raining and cold again today!

I hope that today's ride was a blast.........someone post up and fill the rest of us in!

More later, gott aput more quarters in the hard drive!

Coach in Absentia, MC

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The Cruise Director said...

Whitefish rocked, rocked, rocked! The route was amazing (can you say 20% grade?), the food and hotel sweet, and the people involved better than the the first two combined. I don't have time to tell you how much I loved this trip, but does anyone not want to go to Death Valley? I would love to go for you!