Thursday, September 20, 2007

Next Team Ride...

Hey all -

We'll be riding up my way again this coming Sunday - start time will be NOON, get there a bit early for map distribution, etc.

We'll start from Montague Township Park (here's the inevitable map to the park) - the same place we started from in July - and we'll do a solid 60-65 miles, with a few of Oceana County's finest hills. I can't promise that the road will be marked this time, but y'all are pretty good at following directions, so I don't think you'll get lost. Most importantly, have a few $$ with you, as we'll stop at Twisters back in Montague for ice cream!

I'll have some extra water at the start, and I'll try to find a place to fill bottles along the way, too. Bring your favorite foods for both during the ride (I don't have a huge stash of old energy bars and gels, so be sure to have enough with you to keep yer legs pumpin' for 4-5 hours) and for "recovery munching" afterwards, in case the ice cream doesn't do the trick!

Here's my proposed route!

See you there!


Tom & Mary Scheidel said...

Drat. Our youngest has a soccer game on Sunday, so we can't make it. We will do a long ride on Saturday afternoon. If anyone else on the team can't make it to Derek's on Sunday they are welcome to join us on Saturday. Just drop a note and we'll coordinate time and place.

Nicole said...

I'll definitely make the 4 hour commute for this one. See you there! I bet we can get some water in downtown Shelby or Hart.