Monday, September 24, 2007


You heard it here first folks. The first all-in-one iPod, phone, web browser, insulin pump and CGM. Revolutionary...and probably the best idea that came out of our tour of Oceana County yesterday.

Turns out, someone already thought to ask Steve Jobs for his help in making this happen.

Things I learned yesterday:
1. No dog named Coolio stands a chance with this team.
2. If you happen to be a fast-acting carbohydrate, get outta Katie's way on ride day.
3. It's OK to 'borrow' water from outdoor faucets at tiny small-town churches on Sunday afternoons.
4. A hill in Oceana County is steeper, and thus allows one to ride faster, than coming down from Jubilee Pass in Death Valley. Scary.

Seriously, what a great ride with a great crew yesterday. I had a blast with everyone, but big thanks to Derek, Kevin, and Dawn for joining us - an awesome show of support from those guys whose official ride has already come and gone this year.

Only 26 more days until Death Valley!


AmyT said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Nicole. See also the BusinessWeek article we spurred:

Would you mind adding to your blogroll?

;) Amy

Katie said...

I want it.

pea said...

I had a blast ridin' with y'all on Sunday. Tho' I was avoiding stairs on Monday due to the little knee issue that developed 'round mile 45.

But the ride to the [second] highest point in Oceana County was well worth it. (oh yeah, and the screamin' downhill too...)

Can't wait to see y'all in DV soon.

Katie's going to make everyone jealous with the way she makes the iPump look after Nicole gets done beating Steve Jobs to the punch.

Anyone riding this Sunday? Up for 80 mi?

pea said...

Oh yeah, I think what we're missing here is a play list for Jubilee Pass.

What's on YOUR iPod, DVers?