Monday, September 17, 2007

Team Ride Report, 09-17-07

A bee-yoo-ti-ful early autumn day, a great route (courtesy of my buddy Jim) and a good turn-out is the short story of yesterday's ride but as you might expect.........there's more!

15 members of JDRF's coolest team gathered @ Ada Park for the 11:00am start. (Well........actually 13 were there @ 11:00, but that's another story - right Cindy and Brenda?) We had a good showing from the HM/August Whitefish Team.......Kevin, Dawn, Derek, Cindy and Brenda, Jeff from this month's MT Ride and then Sarah, Ted, Matt, Kevin, John, Carmen, David and Rob from the DV squad. Oh......and me.

We headed south, right up the once-fearsome climb on Snow and waaayyyy south around Feeport and a few other way-sleepy little burgs out there in the hinterlands. The wind was in our faces at first and there was plenty of big hills but everyone rode well and we all made it back to the park for chips-n-salsa, cookies and such w/ a minimum of issues or whining. (Pretty much!)

It was great to see so many riders out w/ us who have already done their Ride! It's way cool that you guys were out /w your teammates, sharing stories and showing the way! The spirit of this team is awesome to behold!

The next Team Ride is this coming Sunday up in Derek's neck o' the woods. As I'll be in transit from Whitefish I've "deputized" him and Nicole and they are "large and in charge" of this week's ride. Watch for details, discussions and maps (lots and lots of maps!) from them soon!

On Wed. Jeff, Joel and Chuck leave for their Whitefish Ride. Keep them in your thoughts later this week. I know that everyone that was out there last month will be envious and every veteren on this team is jealous of the experience that we know they are about to have! (I'll be out there as well, along w/ Jeremy from the shop, doing the bike tech support.) No riding for me, but I'll file a report when I get to Las Vegas after the Ride.

As for you Death Vally-ers..............we leave in exactly one month!!!! Are you ready? Your bike too? Let's keep riding and fund-raising and finish the season strong!

Still some group fund-raising opportunities coming Cindy Aley for info on the Van Andel dates.

Don't forget Sarah's Wine-Tasting Bash too! Details soon!

I had a blast riding w/ some of you guys yesterday..............I've had a blast all season! You guys are the best.


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Katie said...

you are the best coach ever! Love your Team Reports, Mike. Even when I can't make it to a team ride, I feel like I didn't miss a thing. Thanks.

We will miss you in Montague this weekend. Good luck and have fun in Whitefish.