Monday, October 8, 2007

And all is quiet...

Possibly still recovering from the hell that was 90 degrees, 95% humidity and hills all the way team ride on Saturday? A chance they've realized there are only 12 days until Death Valley and they are stunned? They may be loading their bikes on their cars to take to JDRF office (or to Ted at VeloCity) tomorrow!?

Who knows where everyone is at... I just couldn't leave this site sitting.

Lets hear some advice from our teammates who've done the ride in Whitefish this year - any words of advice or encouragement? How about you past Death Valley riders - any last minute things to scare the newbies?

the valley awaits....


club-velo said... "rolled a bit"!

Actually, 'twas a pretty tough loop that Pete and Sue devised. The hills and the traffic conspired to keep conversation to a minimum but it was good training for DV and it was good to see a decent turn-out. Lin and I were sad to hafta "ride and run" but show bid-ness was a-callin' and she's a harsh mistress! ( Show Biz, not Lin!) [She made me say that].
At this point.......I think we're ready for the ride. I was talkin' w'/ Carmen today and I told her that it doesn't even matter much what she does 'tween tomorrow and the Tune-Up Ride a week from Friday to Zabrieske Point and that goes for everyone, pretty much. The fitness you have will still be with you 10 days from now, even if you do almost nothing, but it'd be good to stay a little active. If you're sending off the only bike you have access to on Wed, do some hiking or something else to keep the blood pumping. It's okay to taper off and rest up a bit....really! Work on your mental fitness too.....don't let the heat or the climb to Jubilee mess w/ your head!
Roll Call from Saturday: Tom and Mary, Pete and Sue, Mike H, Kevin O, Steve and Katie, Don M, Derek D, Lin and I and new-mom-in-training Sarah A. So cool to see Derek and Don from the MT squad doin' the Team Thing and offering their moral support to their homies! No crashes to report, no issues other than our rear tire doing it's best imitaion of KC's blood sugar by going down. (She handles it faster and better than we did, by the way)
At the risk of being both redundant and cliche.......I really can't believe that we just had the last Training Ride of the year and that DV is less than 2 weeks away!It's been a COMPLETE blast riding w/ everyone thihs season and I can't wait for Detah Valley. I am envious of all you first-time riders and of the experience that's right around the corner for you all.(All you veterans know of which I speak!)It's gonna be great to see the out-of-town contingent as's been too long!
I've already gotten several inquiries as to 2008 from propective new team mates and virtually everyone from the staff here @ the shop is talking about doing one of the Rides as well. Must of been having Jeff and Jeremy come back from Whitefish. I've been blathering on about it for 3 years now, but no one around here listens to me!

T-shirt idea: "Diabetes isn't contagious....but JDRF is!"

Don't forget......Ted's here @ the shop late tomorrow to give your bike a free once-over, they hafta be @ the office by lunchtime Wed and after that.......see you @ the airport, on the shuttle or by the pool in DV!


The Cruise Director said...

I wasn't at the ride Sunday, so I have no comment regarding the training. My advice for Death Valley is simple. Have fun and enjoy those around you! Keep in mind that you all rock!

Dawn Wilson said...

all I can say is don't smoke 2 cigarettes the day of the ride and then take off like a bat out of hell for the next 15 miles and have to use your inhaler for your lungs to work again. oh never mind you guys are alot smarter than that RIGHT. okay anyway. Just have fun and remember what your doing this for( the kids )

Mike Howard said...

I remember one of the support people asking me how much salt I had taken in shortly after I recovered from fainting the last time I was there. He recommended potato chips for salt to retain water. I'm not a chip fan, but plan on strapping one of those bags of salty beer pretzels to the rack of my bike!