Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ride photos part 1

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here's the equivalent of 3000 words, or about the same as a short Mike Clark message.

A West Michigan pace line heading up to Zabriski Point on Friday morning.

The long road heading toward Jubilee Pass.

Carmen, Mary, Melanie and Patti taking a break from fighting the wind.

I know we, as a team, have taken thousands of pictures. Let's figure out what site we can post them all to as a group. Use the comment section to discuss options.


Nicole said...

My top three choices:

1. Flickr. We can tag our photos with the same phrase, then search and it will pull up ALL of them.

2. Picassa. It's Google's thing, and I love all things Google. Plus, we could then use them on this very blog in the slideshow.

3. Kodak Gallery. I keep all my photos here. Good organization, cheap prints, ability to comment.

club-velo said...

Holy Crap! Who's that on the front of that line!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


Katie said...

OMG, I was! What the heck!? I didnt' even recognize myself.

I vote Picassa. We can create a JDRFWESTMICHIGAN account and email everyone the id and password. This will let everyone download the high-res pictures they want too. We'd want to put in the comment for each picture who took it, but that's easy.

Flikr is ok, I just don't like their interface as much. (I'm a google girl) And, I can't put the slideshow on this blog site as easy.

Speaking of google, i WANT one of the google jerseys! BAD!

Chad said...

I vote for Google as well.

Tom & Mary Scheidel said...

I'm fine with Google/Picassa or Flikr. Any volunteers to set it up?

Katie said...

I'm on it. Look for email from me tonight with details on how to upload.

If anyone has video on YouTube, send me the link and I can add to our blogsite!

did said...

I suggest Picasa as well, but I think there's a 1 gig limit on photos per account. If we upload full-size images, that ain't gonna go very far. I'd suggest everyone do their own thing, and we keep a central page with links...


club-velo said...

I prefer Googaflickeraccaso. It's bite rate is far superior and the resolve-o-lu-tion is better. On the other hand............I must confess that the over/under is far better on Pigoogoflick, and I do enjoy the ability to mash the framastat and overdrive the whatsis.

Or was it the other way 'round........?

Super Bon Bon said...

You guys rock! I felt like I got a new fam. and miss ya already. The nice weather too!

I'll post some pics wherever.

Check out my blog for my account as well - (there is a link off of this blog too)