Monday, October 15, 2007

Saturday in the Park

Death Valley National Park, that is.

Hard to believe we're about to board planes for this big adventure. I am SO ready to get out there. Our bikes are in the safe, capable hands of our pal Dennis from Gainey, and the weather is looking pretty awesome for Saturday (high of 89, sunny, and winds only at 12 mph).

Funny actually, the song from Chicago with the same title as this post, if you remove all the references to the 4th of July, is actually fitting for this weekend.... a few excerpts:

Saturday in the park... People dancing, people laughing... And I've been waiting such a long time for Saturday... People talking, really smiling, A man playing guitar (Coach Mike, perhaps??) singing for us all ... Will you help him change the world ... Can you dig it... And I've been waiting such a long time for today... A real celebration waiting for us all...

Safe travels to all. Looking forward to lots of laughs, food, drink, and amazing feats as we hammer down across Death Valley.


club-velo said...

Yeah, I can't wait either! (Although I gotta's okay by me if Chicago doesn't make it)(The band, not our teammies that is!)
I've been thinkin' about DV for about a month now and I ...... can......not......wait!

Lookin' forward to seein' a buncha smiling faces in the airport, in LV, @ DV, around the pool, @ the start line, up on Jubilee and @ the finish!

You guys rock, have I mentioned that yet today!?


Nicole said...

Whew. Glad you clarified that Chicago comment, Mikey. I might not have been born here, but it has become Sweet Home Chicago in the last few years. :) See you at O'Hare!

Katie said...

I'm going to take some flack from Coach Mike, but I have added 'Saturday in the Park' to my ride play list.

After the last play list un-closeting fiasco, I have removed all Jim Croce from my ride play list. But, I did add a Van Morrison song last night, so take that!

I've got 64 songs, 4.1 hours. I will survive.

Nicole said...

Whoa. Call it strange family karma or whatever, but I also have 64 tracks on the playlist that I created last night. Weird. My current favorite song is "Straight Lines" by Silverchair. I also remembered that spoken-word stuff sufficiently distracted me last year, so I downloaded two comedy disks. If you see me at about mile 95 laughing to myself like a moron, hopefully it's because I'm listening to my iPod and not because I've become delerious.

Mike Howard said...

I had a dream last night that Teresa and I were both in DV. I was running late to get my bike for the start (4pm.) I found out that Teresa was upset with me and had substituted my bike for a wheelchair! I was livid! Don't remember why she was mad at me. Probably leaving the toilet seat up or something . . .

Katie said...

gramie (my grandmother, nicole's great-grandmother) has spoken. 64 songs it is!

club-velo said...

Good Lord!

Why not Bread? Or Tears for Fears? Or The Captain and Tenille or The Carpenters or some other set of hard-rockers like that?

Here's the thing.......when I say that "You guys rock" I maybe need to be a little more specific in the future, huh?

Seriously...I have a call in to Trish and Aly regarding the Ride's Offiacial I-Pod Policy but I have a feeling that we already know what it is. On other Rides that I've done there has been a strict "No headphones" rule.

Just passing it along, y'know?

45 hours 'til lift-off!

Tom & Mary Scheidel said...

Nicole, at 95 miles it will definetely be delerium, regardless of what you are listening to.

Mike Howard said...

My play list will include Aerosmith "Back In The Saddle". Seems appropriate

Katie said...

silly Coach Mike. Asking permission. We are uncontrollable volunteers... Please do not share the answer with me, I do not want to know. Not knowing is power.

Also, for your own easy sleeping, I only ride with one ear bud in (the one away from the car).

club-velo said...

Katie, you'd better have one ear open so I can shout into it!

"Not knowing is power"......I like that. Don't be surprised if it shows up on a t-shirt.

Speaking of t-shirts: After the very wet, very cold, very muddy shop ride on Sunday the next Velo City t-shirt was suggested. Whattaya think of "Misery, just one of the many services we offer"?

Silly Coach Mike.... out.
42.5 hours 'til lift-off!