Thursday, October 25, 2007

Announcing an end to fund-raising!

How's that gonna work you ask? Read on....................

I think that if we can bring to market merely a fraction of the t-shirts and other products that were inspired by our trip to DV we can "share the wealth" and never hafta do a garage sale or bake pretzels @ Van Andel again! I won't bore you w/ a recitation of the approx 347 t-shirt slogan ideas but a few other hot sellers come to mind........

A "Boob-Proof" cage to protect bike computers from inadverdant re-setting.

A 'Bike Bra Bra" to protect moving bicycle parts from unwanted lingerie intrusion.

( there a trend to spot here?)

The "Santa Ana Edition" tow rope and full fairing set.

The "Damn it's Hot out here!" conversion filter. This handy device snaps over the read-out screen of GPS units and cyclometers equipped w/ tempurature functions and changes the number from "104" to "78" for moral support.

The 'Wait for us John!" airhorn for when your riding partner rides off into the desert w/out noticing that you're no longer on his wheel.

The "Words w/ 4 Letters" Dictionary. Inspired by Rob, Sean and Ted. Laminated plastic pages so that it can be carried in a jersey pocket.

I'm sure that I missed a few................what else?



did said...

A 'Bike Bra Bra" to protect moving bicycle parts from unwanted lingerie intrusion.

I'm sensing a story, here.


Nicole said...

How about the Tom Scheidel Sprocket Injury First Aid Kit?

Or the newest series of books on CD: The Steve Clark School of Craps

Rob A said...

Well, there are a few obvious shirts we're missing...



Cash the f@#* out!

Yeah, those would be my favorites...

Nicole said...

Derek, I wasn't there, but from what I gather, the dialogue went something like this:

"What's that clanking noise?"

"Sounds like it's coming from your wheel....oh my's my bra strap!?!"

Apparently, someone's bike was parked a liiiiiittle too close to the suitcases back at the ranch. Well, that's assuming the bra strap wasn't actually attached to either a bra or to a person wearing it. Although that would have made for a really funny story too.

did said...

And my regret at not being there grows even larger.


Tom & Mary Scheidel said...

How about the "Kevin Owens Underwater Photography Kit"?

Katie said...

(someone has to come up with something about the couple in the pool - maybe an eye averter of sorts?)

My other ideas:
-- a 100% cotton tourist t-shirt dispenser

-- a Clark de-matching tire tool

-- A Mike Clark motivational playlist for your not-allowed ipod (with simple sayings like... it's only 20 more miles, we'll get there in only three hours at this pace)

And I think it would be wise if we all pitched in for the "Cash the F$*# out" shirt for Rob, he needs it.

Tom & Mary Scheidel said...

Actually I think we could have had a great fund raising opportunity if Kevin had gotten to the pool with his underwater camera while that couple was still bobbing.

The Cruise Director said...

Can someone explain to me how there was a bra strap without the bra? Were either the strap or the bra feeling lonely?

I am also thinking we should get those bra strap clad wheel sets out here at Velo City. I can see it now, The Ksyrium "Secret" Equipe. They would be huge money makers! Some pun intended.

Seriously, it sounds like everyone had a great time in Death Valley and Vegas. Whitefish was fun, but I couldn't get Joel to take his bra off and attach it to his wheel. I guess next year I will be riding with the rest of the team for entertainment value.

airmel said...

I'll buy the Chicken Soup for the soul Steve Clark Craps edition.

club-velo said...

Not to mention all the potential income once we start advertising more details about the Extra-Special-Limited-Edition Visit to Amy's ToyBox!!!!!!!!

(Oh yeah, what gets revealed in Vegas is supposed to stay there! Oops, my bad!)

did said...

Except I've seen the pictures. Whoa!