Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ready to go!

So...........I'm sitting here in the JDRF office. Mary and I have spent the better part of the last 2 days gettin' 30-some Death Valley bound bicycles all wrapped in foam and ready to go on the truck.(Which oughta be here any second now)

Exactly one week from today we'll either be en route or already there.

It's pretty dang cool to sit here surrounded by all these bikes and duffles and plastic bins.......and think about how far we've come in 3 short years! It really says something about the power of the Rides....that despite all the turmoil and turnover here @ the office we've grown the way we have! It says something about the folks that have been working here at the office and it says something about the staff that's here now. says a ton about you guys. The riders on this Team are so cool and so passionate and so dedicated and I'm pretty frickin' proud of what we have going here in West Mich!

So.........a week from now 33 riders w/ support from Linda and Sophie will be Death Valley bound You guys all know how much sweat and work that represents so I know that those of you that have done your Ride already will be sending good thoughts out west for your Teammates and for those of you that'll be in's time to Ride so let's go do it, eh?

Watch for details on the upcoming Team End-O'-Season / 2008 Recruitment Party coming up next month! You're gonna wanna be there!



Katie said...

it was my new blue tires that got you all excited and ready to ride, wasn't it!?

Tom & Mary Scheidel said...

While Mike is very gracious about sharing the credit for the success of the ride program, a major reason we are where we are today is because of him. He rides more miles than anyone else, both in training and at the rides. He helps everyone from the novice to the experienced rider. And he plays some damn good guitar. Thank you Mike for all you've done for us. We are the West Michigan Ride Team and you, my friend, are our coach.