Sunday, October 28, 2007

Place to put photos

See the "Ride Team site w/ Pictures" link on the right to see all of our team members pictures of the Ride to Cure Diabetes. Historical links are there as well too.

If you've been a rider with us in the past, please Join the group and add links to your online photos (Kodak, Flickr, Picasa, whatever!).

If you need help, contact Katie, Nicole, or Tom.

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Anonymous said...

Katie, Katie, Katie!! You left a post on my Triabetes website (thanks for finding it- we have 16 athletes now doing Ironman Wisconsin 08 - all have diabetes!) and I wanted to get in touch with you before DV! I was out there riding with the Wisconsin team - email me - - I used to be a moderator for ODST and you were one of the CVs! I'm now the director in Madison, WI - reach out - would love to talk to you! ~Michelle