Sunday, April 22, 2007

Clearly, it's a sign.

So, I'm out for a ride on Frank the Tank (my Trek hybrid, that I force myself to ride in the spring when I'm too fat for a proper bike), when, oh, my the issues. The Fisk link was jumping around, so clearly it had fallen out of that all-too-critical alignment with the hyper-resonance-dampers. In addition, the vangshaft was starting to squeak, and if there's anything Ted taught me is that when the vangshaft starts to sound like an aroused Gentoo penguin, it's best to slowly back away from the bike in a non-threatening but not submissive manner.

So clearly I'll have to start riding Ruby. Shucks.

Anyway, it's shaping up to be a really awesome year for this team - the new Herman Miller people are charging in to the fundraising like a horde of merciless, uh, fundraisers. With, like, horns on their helmets. I'm seriously impressed. Three of the folks I'm mentoring are already well over halfway to their fundraising goals, and we've got team events galore scheduled for the summer. Total coolness, man.

Now, does anyone know why my $90 sheet of Formica Monterey Storm laminate won't stick down to the very nice particle board substrate I so lovingly prepared?


Nicole said...

Derek, I need help coming up with a name for my bike.

did said...

Ask my kid. I think he's past his "name everything Frank" phase. Ruby was pretty obvious - Roubaix==>Ruby. It was so obvious that when Specialized made a "woman-specific" version, they called it the Ruby...

club-velo said...

Is your bike male or female? I have recieved extensive training in the naming of inantimate objects as a result of growing up in the 60's (A VW named "Murphy" for instance)and might be able to offer some assistance.

Just one of the many services we JDRF Coach Types offer!